Andreana Dobreva 

New Edition: Changing Atmosphere


Views from the Danish Golden Age.

Christoph Nathe 

Romantic Landscapes in the 18th century


Love Letters - Fernand Léger to Franciska Clausen

Luise Danker 

Fairy tales

George Butler 

When Fishes Flew

Théodore Roussel 

Transfer Lithographs


17th century French prints from the Newbattle Abbey album

Kate McCrickard 


Neil Gall 



Andres Bally - Michael Growe: Holz


Delacroix - Artist Printmaker

Günther Förg 

Prints in colour


Incunabula and Early Illuminated Woodcuts in Northern Europe

Pascale Hémery 

View from the heights

Joseba Eskubi 

Small Scale Paintings

Hans Sandreuter 

Printed oeuvre

Ryck Rudd 

Leavers' Book


Menzel - Liebermann - Slevogt: from Naturalism to Impressionism


Marcell Feldberg and Nicolas Poignon: Ephemeriden Aufzeichnungen


Dutch prints and drawings from the 16th to 18th century

Judith Rothchild 


Philip Akkerman 


Horst Janssen 

Totentanz suite


Géricault - Master of Lithography

Arthur Segal 

A Selection of Works


Figurative Works on Paper

Finlay Abbott Ellwood 


Christian Boltanski 

Two Sets of Prints


Black White Grey


18th century Italian prints, manuscripts and drawings

British prints from the 17th to the early 19th century  

From Southwark Cathedral to the Vitruvian Lodge

Michele Melillo 

Weiterleiten – Referral

Clemens Büntig 

Unknown Transit


17th Century Printmaking in France

Yves Chaudouët 

Monotypes 1997 to 2018

Mathilde Busch

Métachories and Tellurisms

Nicolas Poignon 

Sky Over Berlin

Alex Katz 

Two Sets of Prints

Dan Walsh & Marjorie Welish

Between Sincerity and Irony

James Rielly 

Watercolours: 2015 - 2019


Italian Baroque Prints and selected Drawings

Jean Fautrier 

Alchemy in Printmaking

Albert Oehlen 

Prints and Multiples, 1981-1989

Andreana Dobreva 

Recent Paintings, Drawings and Lithographs

Sylvie De Meerleer 

Quiet truth

Philip Akkerman 

Self Portraits: 1984 - 2017


Artists' Portraits

Neil Gall 

The Studio

André Thomkins 


Leon Steinmetz 

The Beautifull Cassandra


William S. Burroughs & Friends

Ryck Rudd 

Worthless Refuse II

Jürgen Schön 




Terry Winters 

Works on Paper


Late Summer Nudes

Ryck Rudd 

The Mess

Till Verclas

Artist's Books & Prints

Judith Rothchild 

Illustrated Books 1997 - 2021

Thomas Frye

The elegant ladies and gentleman

Barbara Camilla Tucholski 

>>Endloses Kreisen im Raum<<


Art for Tomorrow: A Portfolio for Jesus College, Cambridge

Finlay Abbott Ellwood 

Ideas Unsaid, then Forgotten

Matthias Griebler 


Ferdinand Staeger 

Knospen und Dornen

John Cage 

Mushrooms and Music

Lothar Osterburg 


Josef Breitenbach


Nicolas Poignon 

Urban landscapes

Leon Kossoff 


Matthias Griebler 

Herodes zeugt ein Kind. Herodes zeugt sein Kind !

Marjorie Welish 

Indecidability of the Sign

Robert Motherwell 

Rare prints and proof sequences.

Marwan Kassab-Bachi

Prints from the 1970s


Turning back is looking forward

French Colour Prints  

- Mastery & Elegance -

Pascale Hémery 

- The City and Sea -


Viennese Etchers around 1800

Two Contemporaries  

Martin Erich Philipp & James Arden Grant

Conversation Pieces  

A peep at Parisian nineteenth-century society

Rudi Tröger 

The Four Years of Printmaking: 1965 - 1968

Summer in Dublin  

A Selection of Prints Published in Ireland since 2000

Josef Albers 

Homage to the Square

Lucian Freud 


Georg Baselitz 

Prints, drawings and watercolours. A selection spanning 40 years

William Kentridge 

The Nose


18th Century Printmaking in France

Thomas Bunce 

Works on Paper

Judith Rothchild 

Mezzotints 1997 - 2022

Wiebke Loeper 



American Prints and Drawings

L'art d'imprimer sur pierre

19th century French lithographs

Das bin ich? + ?Wo? Wann?

Horst Janssen - Fotos und Karten aus den 60er Jahren

French etchers around 1900

Auguste Brouet and others.

Italian Artists

Prints from 1960 to the Millennium

Fred Sandback 

Prints and Drawings from 1969 to 1987.

Barbara Camilla Tucholski 

Drawings from 1999 to 2009

Peter Bömmels 

Works on paper 1988 to 2020
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