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Sancta Bathildis 1510

Leonhard Beck

* c.1480 in Augsburg † 1542 in Augsburg

Woodcut. Size of sheet: 23.4 x 21 cm.

Watermark: High Crown (Cf. Piccard VII 73, Württemberg 1523). 

Literature:  Hollst. l3.

                  B. l3.

                  Dodgson l20.

Provenance: Unknown collector’s stamp, similar to A.H. Rouart (Lugt 2l87 a).

Beautiful, early impression with some relief on the verso. 

Portrait of Saint Mathild feeding the sick and the lame. Early impression from the collection of portraits of Saints for the emperor Maximilian ( "Seel und heiligen buch Keiser Maximilians altfordern"). 



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