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Saint Romaricus c.1517

Leonhard Beck

* c.1480 in Augsburg † 1542 in Augsburg

Woodcut. Size of sheet: 23.5 x 21.2 cm.

Literature:     Hollstein 12, 94.

                     B. VII 240, 94.

                     Dodg. II, p.131, 113. 

A fine crisp impression from the series of Saints in the Genealogy of the House of Habsburg, printed at the time of the execution of the block. Rare.

Leonhard Beck was one of the artists who worked on Emperor Maximilian’s numerous projects illustrating his life and his family history. Our image is one of 123 woodcuts of individual Saints- all in Renaissance settings, which Leonard Beck executed for the Genealogy of Maximilian I between 1516 and 1518, but which was not published until much later.



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