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Nr. 1 1966

Rudi Tröger

* 1929 in Marktleuthen

Chalk Lithography. 

Size of sheet: 62.5 x 46.3 cm. Size of stone: 39 x 25.4 cm.

Signed and inscribed: Tröger, Probedruck. One from ca. 20 proof impressions on different papers.

The catalogue numbers refer to the catalogue raisonné of the artist:
Fred Jahn, Rudi Tröger - Druckgraphik 1965 - 1968, München 1985.

€ 600.- +VAT

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The prints of Rudi Tröger, created entirely between 1965 and 1968, is comprised of 85 works. Etchings and dry-point are predominant. The lithographs, with the exception of three pen lithographs, in which counter-lithograph paper was used, were drawn onto the stone with lithographic chalk.

In comparison only few printing states are in existence. Most of the lithographs can be compared to drawings. They were created, with the exclusion of a few images, in one work cycle. Concerning the etchings, where the image would only come to light following the print, there was occasionally continued work directly to the plate and the drawing was changed.

It is noticeable that of the 85 works, only three have been published. Two by the Etching Club Munich and one lithograph as an annual gift for the Academy of Fine Arts Munich, a work that had been commissioned.

The occasion for these printed works, are the technical possibilities within the draughtsmanship or painterly black and white, and not, as is usual, a commission, exhibition plans or something similar.

This also explains the small number of prints, above all with the etchings and dry-point prints. The lithographs were often printed on various papers using different inks in black. It was therewith possible to examine the diverse effects of the same drawing. Within one edition once can often find gradations of shade from light greys to deep blacks. The papers are in one line: Laid, japan, edition and offset papers, types that one finds in every printing press.

(Extract from Galerie Fred Jahn: Rudi Tröger – Druckgraphik 1965 – 1968, Munich 1985)


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