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Wooded Landscape 1861

Francis Guillemard Simpkinson de Wesselow

* 1819 in London † 1906 in London

Pastel on paper. Size of sheet: 13.8 x 19.2 cm.

The watercolour and pastel artist Simpkinson de Wesselow, joined the Royal Navy at an early age, training as a marine surveyor and topographical artist. He left Tasmania to return to London in 1848 taking his collection of over 200 sketches, watercolours and pastels with him.

He never gave up his art but never exhibited his work, until, nearly fifty years later, at the request of the Royal Tasmania Society, he donated his collection of views executed in Van Dieman’s Land to the Tasmanien Museum.

Most of his Pastels were bound in albums and never been exposed – therefore they remained in absolutely fresh condition.

£ 3500.-