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Tear (i). 2009

Dorothy Cross

* 1956 in Cork, Ireland


Signed and numbered. Edition of 40.


Size of sheet: 58 x 76.5 cm.


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€ 1.700.- each

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Box set of five intaglio prints with introductory sheet available for €5,000.

Born in Cork, Ireland, in 1956, Dorothy Cross’ work ranges from object to opera: working with sculpture, photography and video. The themes of her work have dealt with memory and inheritance, sexuality and desire, and the position of the human in nature. Her work came to mainstream public attention with her solo show Ebb at the Douglas Hyde Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin in 1988. This was followed by several major shows: Powerhouse at the ICA Philadelphia (1991) and even, at Arnolfini, Bristol, England (1996). These shows were made up of large sculptures that often contained found objects both from her family and from studios such as the Pigeonhouse power station in Dublin Bay where she worked for four years in the early 90’s.

She represented Ireland at the Venice Biennale in 1993 and the Istanbul Biennial in 1997 with her Udder series. Her best known public work is Ghost Ship, where she painted a de- commissioned lightship with phosphorous paint and moored it in Dublin Bay, where it glowed at night for several weeks in the winter of 1999. In 2005 a major retrospective of her work was held at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Dorothy now lives on the coast of north Galway. She is represented by Kerlin Gallery, Dublin and Frith Street Gallery, London.

This online exhibition features a cross section of work editioned in portfolios and sets at Stoney Road Press over the past decade. Founded in 2001 by David O'Donoghue and James O'Nolan, Stoney Road Press is a fine art publishing and editioning house which has emerged as one of Ireland's most innovative producers of limited-edition prints in traditional and experimental media, including artists' books, 3-dimensional works and tapestries.


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