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Summertime in Italy. 1966.

Robert Motherwell

* 1915 in Aberdeen † 1991 in Provincetown

Lithograph. Size of sheet: 76.2 x 55.9 cm.

Sequence of three unrecorded proof impressions aside the edition of 100. One impression printed in light blue, signed and inscribed 'Artist proof'; one impression printed in black; and  one in dark blue, both signed and inscribed 'trial proof'.

Literature: Engberg Banach 32.

The textured blue background of this images was achived using French transfer paper, a thin, transparent material coated with gum solution. Motherwell used liquid tusche as a drawing medium. Unlike a print made by drawing directly on a plate, the image does not get reversed in the transfer. Through this technique devised by Hollander, which masks the image out of the background, Motherwell developed a hollowed-out version of the Summertime in Italy image.


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