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„Surtout pas de blagues pour l’exposition.“ — No jokes about the exposition.

Fernand Léger

* 1881 in Argentan † 1955 in Gif-sur-Yvette

Handwritten letter in ink. Fully signed. c. 14.2 x 11.2 cm.

Paris, 28.06.1925

„Chère Ciska. Le tableau de Noailles est chez lui 11 place des Etats-Unis, c’est du côté du Trocdéro Allez le prendre de ma part et dites que vous êtes Mlle Clausen — Surtout pas de blagues pour l’exposition / croyez moi vous verrez comment un cadre pour mettre un passe-partout du tableau que j’aime — Jeudi 6h Hôtel s’il n’ y a rien d’ici là. G[ros]. Bi[sous].“ 

The Noailles’ painting is at his home, 11 place des Etats Unis, near the Trocadéro. Go and pick it up in my name and say that you are Miss C. No jokes about the exposition. / Believe me, you will see how a frame can better present a painting so that I like it [interpretation of the unclear orig. wording]. Thursday 6 h hotel, if there is nothing against. B[ig]. K[isses

Charles and Marie-Laure de Noailles were patron of arts - from cinema, ballet, music to visual art and architecture - and tastemakers at the very heart of modernity. Their rationalist Villa Noailles in Hyères, built between 1924 and 1932, was one of the first modern-style buildings in France, featuring works by Pierre Chareau, Eileen Gray, Piet Mondrian, Constantin Brancusi and Alberto Giacometti among many others.

£ 2,500.-


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