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Winter, A House in Green Park. 1890-1894.

Théodore Roussel

* 1847 in Lorient † 1926 in Hastings

Transfer Lithograph. Size of sheet: 45.6 x 28.4 cm.

Elaborate watermark.

Literature: Hausberg 178.

From the edition of approximately 50 impressions.

This is one of three cityscapes among Roussel's lithographs. Scratching out was employed on the large tree trunk on the right as well as on the smaller one in the left foreground to lighten the effect of the transfer drawing.

The fact that the lithograph was not exhibited among the eight at Dowdeswell's in 1894 and that a relatively large number of impressions were printed suggest that this was a house of a friend or patron and that the prints may have been originally intended for the owner of the house.

£ 450.-


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