Petit centaure nageant au clair de lune c. 1900

Ker-Xavier Roussel

* 1867 † 1944

Lithograph printed with a pale green tint stone, on Japan paper.  Size of sheet: 32.4 x 24.6 cm.

Literature Johnson (1944), cat. nos. 182-3; Johnson (1977), cat. no. 211; Salomon cat. no. 39.

Fine impression with margins.

The first entry in the accounts for Ker-Xavier Roussel was 25 September 1897 when Vollard paid the artist 25 fr. This transaction was considerably later than the transactions with Bonnard, Denis and Vuillard, possibly suggesting that Vollard was more reticent about the sale of Roussel’s work. On 26 July 1898, Vollard paid the artist 200 fr. for Paysage avec maison, to be included in the Album d’estampes originales, and appears to be the first work to be commissioned. This was followed by the Album de paysages, c. 1900. As this album was never published, there are no records in the accounts for the sale of this album, suggesting that Vollard did not regard this work as complete at this time. The book project undertaken by Roussel or Vollard was Le centaure et la bacchante, which remained incomplete at the publisher’s death.

€ 1.500.-