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Event Horizons. 2020.

Finlay Abbott Ellwood

* 1996 in Cornwall

Charcoal on paper. 22 x 25 cm.


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"The earth and its contents between where you stand and what you see has been shaped by the same wind that shapes you.

What I’m interested in doesn’t just sit in one field, two fields are, on paper, essentially the same but in reality completely different. This cannot be understood by looking at fields from afar, only by passing through each will you start to acknowledge the difference.

My pictures are just objects of the world depicting objects of the world, the wind will change these objects and the way I see the objects I put in my pictures.

The perimeters of a viewing hole or, for example, a painting or perceived landscape, are defined by our own ignorance - what we see is defined by what we know.

Every emotional conversation we have with a landscape shapes our vision and character; this is true of many geographical locations.

Each person has their own vision, their own personal point of view and their own political and geographical language for the landscape they exist with and in.

May the present be the past and the future untouchable.”

(Finlay Abbott Elwood, 2020).


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