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St Hilary of Poitiers carried into the heavens by angels c. 1610

Sisto Badalocchio

* 1585 in Parma † c.1647 in Parma

Etching after Antonio Correggio (1489-1534). Size of sheet: 32.2 x 24 cm.

Watermark: a fleur de lys surmounted by an M (?), above a triple mound, not in Briquet.

Literature:  B. 32;

                  Reed/Wallace 57;

                  Mussini 285.

Fine and rich impression with a wonderful, faint plate tone and large margins all around.

One of a set of six prints of the prophets from around the base of the cupola fresco in the Parma Cathedral painted by Correggio c.1520-30.

Closely related to the Carracci family, Badalocchio trained together with Giovanni Lanfranco first under Agostino Carracci in Parma and then in Rome under Annibale Carracci, assisting him in frescoing the Farnese Gallery. "It is noteworthy that Badalocchio seemed to be at his most typical as a follower, working with others on fresco cycles or reproducing the work of others in prints. In etching he was certainly at his best in this mode …” (Richard Wallace).

£ 1,500.-


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