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Madonna of the Pillow c. 1594 - 1600

Annibale Carracci

* 1560 in Bologna † 1609 in Rome

Etching and engraving. Size of sheet: c. 16 x 11.8 cm.

Lettered within image A.C. and with publisher's address I. Sad. exc.

Watermark: possibly anchor inscribed in circle.

Literature: B.4 as Francesco Brizio;

                    T.I.B. Vol. 39, Com. Part 2, 06.028xx S3, as Francesco Brizio; Vol. 40, Com. Part 1, 03.047 S3 as Francesco Brizio (Bohlin as Reni).

                    Posner 84 (1971) as Annibale Carracci. Provenance: Juan Jorge Peoli (1825-1893), New York (L.2020);

                    Unknown 19th century collector, inscription in pen and brown ink B. n. ° 4 - atribuida à Anib. Carraci, finished with his initials J.Z. (not in Lugt).

Accepted by Posner as Annibale's work, this print was attributed to Brizio by Bartsch and possibly Reni by Bohlin, although both accept the design as Annibale's own. Bohlin believes the closeness of the style to that of Annibale indicates that this is not the work of Brizio, and instead proposes Reni, who is known to have been in the Carracci Academy in the mid 1590s (BM).

Very fine and dark impression with irregularly thread paper margins around the plate and partly trimmed to the borderline.

£ 1,800.-


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