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The Virgin and Child with the Baptist 1632

Giacomo Antonio Stefanoni

* 1612 in Rome † 1646 in Active in Bologna

Engraving. Size of sheet: 28.3 x 21.1 cm.

Engraving after Lodovico Carracci (1555 – Bologna – 1619). Mounted on 18th-century paper.

Watermark: Large Crown, and below three balls surmounted by a vertical monogram flanked by two animals; Briquet 1072.

Literature:     Unrecorded.

Provenance:   Joseph Marius Agassis (1811 – Lyon – 1889), (Lugt 69).

A fresh and early impression with the supporting lines still visible. With traces of plate dirt on the reddish-brown paper and narrow margins around the plate margin.


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Only a handful of prints are known, and they have been largely ignored by the general print literature. Bartsch does not list the artist. His father was the well-known dealer of prints and publisher Pietro Stefanoni (1557 – 1642), who himself was active as a printmaker (see Bartsch XVIII.170.1 and Bartsch XVIII.269.31).

However, these prints are somewhat contested as they are signed only with Stefanoni fecit’, and when comparing stylistic features, they could equally well be by his son Giacomo, who signed his earlier prints with full titles: “Iacobus Stefanonius Incidit” and “Romae superior. Licentia”.


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