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The Carriere of Nancy. 1626.

Jacques Callot

* c.1592 in Nancy † 1635 in Nancy

Etching. Size of sheet: 15.4 x 50.5 cm.

Elaborate watermark.

Literature: Lieure 589;

                Meaume 621.

Fine impression, trimmed slightly into the image.

The carriere is described as the "new street" where public festivals were staged; it was situated in close proximity to the Ducal Palace. As inscribed in the banderole (scroll) at the top of the composition, it is indicated that it was the site where jousting, tournaments, and other forms of recreation took place. The present theme may well be the pre-Lental carnival. Callot depicts in the foreground, from left to right: acrobats balancing on a horse tethered on a cart; a charlatan "devil" impersonator on stilts throwing coins from his right hand and dangling, different pawned objects at the end of a cord; held in his left hand; actors from the Italian comedy troupe; two men fencing; a rearing horse; a troop of cavaliers followed by a chariot bearing a blind-folded cupid, drawn by two centaurs. In the middleground a jousting tournament and mock combat can be observed; carriages and sleighs bearing spectators. (Minneapolis Institute of Art)

£ 1200.-


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