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L'Assemblée - Au Concert 1783-84

François Dequevauviller

* 1745 in Paris † 1807 in Paris

Engraving after the two gouaches by Nicolas Laureince. 58 x 68 cm.

Pendant to L'Assemblée - Au Salon. Literature: I.F.F. 62/63. Very fine and fresh impression of the final state, with large margins. Very sharp and delicately executed, with remains of platedirt. A proof impression once belonged to Julius Model (Sammlung Model. Cat. no. 564). Our pendants are to be considered Dequevauviller's masterwork. Their style is characteristic of the 18th century taste for the gravure en petit prints, characterised by an extremely refined and detailed use of thin engraved lines crossed in complex patterns which rendered textures in an exquisite way, and matching perfectly the taste for small genre scenes which were highly fashionable in Paris at the time. A fine rococo ensemble.



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