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La Petite Nannette

Auguste-Claude-Simon Le Grand

* 1765 in Paris † 1843 in Paris

Etching and Engraving after Jean Baptiste Greuze. 

Literature: Not in Le Blanc or I.F.F. Superb impression with margins, before the cleaning of the plate, the erasure of the trial scratches, and the polishing of the plate margins. The painting La Petite Nannette (Martin 1248) is, like the portrait of Stroganoff, in the Mussee de Besancon. Although by different engravers, both prints were conceived as pendants. The frame of La Petite Nannette may be by Hyacinthe Legrand, but the portrait and the background are definately by another hand, most likely by Augustin Claude Simon Legrand, the son of Louis Legrand (1723 - Paris - 1807). The print is signed A. Le Grand Junior, which indicates that it is one of his earliest attempts at printmaking.

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