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Scène de Lucile, comédie de Marmontel, musique de Grétry 1769

J.N. Boillet

ca. active ~ 1780

Stipple engraving. c. 37.9 x 27.9 cm.

Pendant to: Scène de Rosette, de Sedaine, Musique de Monsigny, 1764. Printed in sepia after Louis Doublet (1731 – 1764). Literature: I.F.F. 1 and 2. A fine pair in mixed media. The central composition in gravure en pointillé, the framing in manière de crayon and the letters etched. After the two pastels by Louis Doublet (1731 – 1764). Two proof impressions before the further printing in colour of the central composition, as described in the I.F.F. state, and before the polishing of the plate edges. Some needle marks still visible along the borders where the engraver tried his tools. The printing holes marking the different colour plates clearly visible in the upper borders of both plates. Fine impressions with large margins all around.



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