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Narcissus looking at his reflection c.1601

Aegidius Sadeler II

* 1570 in Antwerp † 1629 in Prague

Engraving. Size of sheet: 45 x 32.5 cm.

Fine impression with margins.

Aegidius is regarded as the greatest engraver of the Sadeler family; trained in Antwerp the family moved in 1579 to Cologne. He moved in 1588 to Munich than Italy (Rome 1593, Verona, Venice 1595-7), 1597 he was appointed  in Prague at the court of Rudolph II and remained there until he died.

One of the few prints after the artist's own idea. A related preparatory drawing by him is in the British Museum (1877,0512.273) (D. Limouze, "Aegidius Sadeler (c.1570-1629): Drawings, Prints and Art Theory", PhD dissertation, Princeton University, 1989, facsimile publication, Ann Arbor, 1990, p.468, no.14 (as Sadeler).




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