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The Cowherd 1649

Paulus Potter

* 1625 in Enkhuizen † 1654 in Amsterdam

Etching. Size of sheet: 18.8 x 20.6 cm.

Literature:     Bartsch 14.

                      Dutuit V.II.14.

                      Hollstein 14.VII.

A. Schultz, '''Trees have turned me into an artist'': The graphic work   of Carl Wilhelm Kolbe (1759-1835)' in G. Bartrum (ed.), Exh. Cat., BM, London, 'German Romantic prints and drawings from an English private collection', 2011, p.179, fig.49.

Fine impression with small margins around. In very good condition. Last state of the cut plate.

Paulus Potter can be considered as a key influence for Carl Wilhelm Kolbe as stated  by A. Schultz (Exh. Cat., Ibid) : 

“In his Lebenslauf, Kolbe mentioned Potter’s etching The cowherd, 1649, calling it a very successful composition and claiming it as a key influence of his Kräuterblätter (1). He described how it contains a ‘wonderfully modelled bush of burdock, full of life and truth. It seems like the artist painted this shrub from nature and rightly so.” (2)

1. Lebenslauf, p 11. The illustrated impression is BM Nn,7.8.1. (Hollstein 14 VII).

2. ibid. 




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