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Portrait of the artist Cornelis Troost c.1740

Arnout Rentinck

* 1712 in Amsterdam † 1774 in Berlin

Mezzotint. Size of sheet: 23.8 x17.5 cm.

Very fine proof impression before letters and with small margins around the plate. After the 1739 self-portrait by Troost in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, SK-A-4225.

Literature:  Wurzbach 1906-11/ 1;

                   Le Blanc 1854-89/ 3;

                   van Someren 1888 5637. 


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Troost (1696-1750) emerged as one of the leading Dutch artists of the 18th century. At first, he mostly painted portraits; in his later paintings the subject was often a scene from a theatre play.

Condition report is available on request. 


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