Tip 1998

Jim Nutt

* 1938 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Lithograph. Ed. 18/20. Signed verso. Size of sheet: 42 x 42 cm.

LITERATURE: Wendy Weitman, Emerging Images: The Creative Process in Prints, The International Print Center, New York, September 16 - October 17, 2010.


As a guest artist at the University of  Austin, Texas, Nutt created this lithograph together with another one titled Tussel. By drawing the outlines of the faces, he first realised Tip. After twenty proofs were pulled, he reworked the stone, adding details and patterns to realise Tussel.

"Solid and commanding in spite of her simple linear form and surreal characteristics, Tip holds the viewer’s attention with her captivating gaze and powerful face" (Wendy Weitman)



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