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Philoctetes. 1777.

James Barry

* 1741 in Cork † 1806 in London

Etching. Size of sheet: 47.4 x 39 cm.

LITERATURE: Pressly 12.II.

Very fine impression, with margin from the small edition published by the Royal Society of Art, London in 1872.

The plate did not belong to the estate of the widow and was not included in the reprint of 1806. It was presented to Royal Society of Art in 1851 and no impression have been taken except of the few in 1872.

Pressly only knows of 4 impressions in the first state and 4 in the second state and 2 impressions of 1872 (Royal Society of Art; National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. Presented by the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, 1881. P.183.202-1).

A very rare print by the artist.

Price on request.